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Community Connect Grant

Grant Opportunity:  Community Connect

Applications close at 9am on Monday 31st July

Your opportunity to be part of an exciting Social Prescribing service in Bexley.

As a result of the FAQ’s and review process, key revisions have been made to KPI1 and KPI4 in Schedule 2.  Minor amendments have also been made throughout the specification and are highlighted throughout for your information.  As indicated in the FAQs below, we are currently reviewing a clause relating to the payment process that will be amended and published shortly.​

‘Social Prescribing’ is recognising that people’s health is influenced by a range of social, economic and environmental factors and seeks to address people’s needs in a holistic way. It also aims to support individuals to take greater control of their own health.

‘Community Connect’ is the new social prescribing service in Bexley that aims to connect local people with non-clinical sources of support in the community to improve their health and wellbeing.  Many people are unaware of the wide range of voluntary and community services throughout Bexley or how to access them, going instead to their GP or local hospital.  Community Connect will offer information and support to people to raise their awareness of local services and support them to access the services that may benefit them the most.   

We are inviting Voluntary and Community Sector organisations to submit applications for the Community Connect grant to become a locality provider as part of the Community Connect Service.  Each provider will be responsible for one, or more, of the localities in the borough serving locality GP surgeries and employing and managing a Community Wellbeing Co-ordinator. 

This grant opportunity has been designed collaboratively with London Borough of Bexley and Bexley Clinical Commissioning Group.

We will add anonymised, themed FAQs that we have received during the application process on this page also - please be aware we are unable to answer questions by telephone.


Download Community Connect Specification

Download Community Connect Guidance Notes

Download Community Connect Application Form

Download Community Wellbeing Co-ordinator Job Description and Person Specification



Q:  Is there flexibility on the salary for the CWC?

​A:  Due to the time constraints for recruitment and service start date we have given a proposed salary range of £21,950 - £24,470 (please note: providers will need to include their on costs in their budgeting),  however it will be at the Provider’s discretion as to the final salary offer the appointed candidate receives.  We would expect that this would not go lower than the salary range suggested although could go higher (however, the total payment to providers will not be adjusted in this instance)​.

​Q:  Is it only GPs who can make referrals to the service?

​A: No, any member of a GP practice staff team can make referrals including nurses, receptionists, health care assistants etc.  The service will also be supported by volunteers (co-ordinated by BVSC) who will work within the community to submit referrals and patients will be able to self-refer.  We will also be reviewing referrals throughout the project and if appropriate may expand these to include other routes such as hospitals or other local professionals

​Q: Is this a payment by results model?

​A: Payments will be made quarterly as per the payment schedule in the Specification in the expectation that outcomes will be achieved.  Regular monitoring and contact between providers and ourselves will raise any queries or difficulties with achieving outcomes and support and guidance will be provided.  There is also a dispute resolution policy within the Specification which will be followed before any decisions are taken regarding payments or contracts.  A payment clause is being revised to better reflect this intention.

​Q: Will 90% increase across all parts of the WEMWBS be required?

​A: We have been finalising the Specification and contract and will require 70% in one or more of the parts of WEMWBS to show an increase, please see the revised specification; Schedule 2 for clarification.

​​​​Q:  How will monitoring be completed each quarter?

​A:  A simple monitoring form will be provided but the expectations are that providers will submit 1 case study and an overview of progress each quarter.  The IT system supporting Community Connect will be able to pull most data needed for the monitoring which BVSC will co-ordinate, meaning that providers will mainly need to report on KPI 5, 7 and 8.  All CWCs will need to ensure however that their case notes and recording are completely accurate and up to date to ensure that BVSC have accurate data for monitoring the other KPIs.

Q: What are some of the key statistics from the Bexley pilot?

A: The evaluation report from Mind on their pilot is available from their website or to download here