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Upcoming Training

  • Monday, 1 August, 2016 - 10:00

    This training course looks to support organisations to understand the importance of using Social Media and how to begin. It will be a practical course to help organisations set up and navigate their own Twitter accounts, with a view to increasing brand awareness, as well as interaction with service users, funders and the local community.

  • Thursday, 15 September, 2016 - 10:00

    Volunteer managers and anyone who recruits and/or supports volunteers
    Volunteers under 18 have a lot to offer, but many organisations can worry about involving them. This course will help dispel fears and give attendees a good grounding in everything they need to know to tap into the enthusiasm and passion of young people.

    The training will cover:

    Benefits and challenges of working with young volunteers
    Legal and policy issues
    Safeguarding/child protection
    Creating rewarding roles
    Recruiting young volunteers
    Managing, retaining and celebrating
    Monitoring & evaluation
    Resources and next steps

  • Friday, 23 September, 2016 - 09:45

    This course is suitable for individuals and organisations that want to raise their awareness about social value. It Is for those that want to know how talking about t social value can transform the way your organisation is viewed, and potentially increase your opportunities to get funding and win contracts.

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