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Cohort 2 - Training plan Impact Programmes Wed, 06/21/2017
Impact in Action - Application information for Cohort 2 Wed, 06/21/2017
Health and Safety Policy & Risk AssessmentTemplate

This guidance is a combined Health and Safety Policy and Risk Assessment template which shows an example of each document.


Useful Templates Thu, 04/12/2018
Children's Safeguarding Policy Template

​This policy provides guidance on the protection of children and young people who receive your services. This includes children of adults who use your services.  It also provides guidance for staff and volunteers.


Useful Templates Thu, 04/12/2018
Health and Safety Policy & Risk Assessment Template (2)

This document provides a further sample Health and Safety Policy & Risk Assessment.


Useful Templates Thu, 04/12/2018
Risk Register Template

This document provides a sample Risk Register. Please note that the document is an example only – the formulas are locked and cannot be accessed as this is a paid for service for NCVO members only.


Useful Templates Thu, 04/12/2018
Conflict of Interest Policy Template

The purposes of this policy is to protect the integrity of the Organisation's decision-making process, to enable our stakeholders to have confidence in our integrity, and to protect the integrity and reputation of volunteers, staff and committee members.


Useful Templates Thu, 04/12/2018
Expenses Policy Template

The purpose of an Expenses Policy is to provide guidelines to organisations to maintain control when it comes to employee, volunteer and trustee expenses.


Useful Templates Thu, 04/12/2018
Health & Safety Policy for Small Group Without Paid Staff Template

This policy provides guidelines on management committee and volunteer responsibilities, risk assessments, training and resolving health and safety problems. 


Useful Templates Thu, 04/12/2018
Reserves Policy Guide for Charities Template

This guidance is to assist Board members of charities and IPCs to develop and disclose a reserves policy as recommended by the Code of Governance.


Useful Templates Thu, 04/12/2018