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The Impact of Puberty by Geoff Evans - Friday 16th June (7.00pm - 9.30pm)

Bexley National Austistic Society are very pleased to welcome Geoff Evans back to Bexley to talk about the impact of puberty/adolescence for youngsters on the Autistic Spectrum on Friday 16th June, 7.00-9.30pm.

Since qualifying as a social worker in the 1970s Geoff has dedicated his career to supporting individuals with autism and is considered by many as an expert in the field. He has written various publications, gained a reputation as both a national and international speaker and sits as an independant chair on a local authority consultation group.

Geoff will look at a range of areas from how to maintain stability at a crucial developmental stage for youngsters through to impact of communication and the importance of support and how it can be provided.

Spaces are limited so please click here for further information and to book your place a.s.a.p