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Health and Social Care

Supporting the health and social care needs of the adults in Bexley is a key role for the voluntary sector, and our job at BVSC is to support and enable groups to do this with expertise, professionalism and to the highest standards. Our priority in this last year has been to facilitate partnerships, enabling groups to work closer together for the benefit of the users and to strengthen relationships with the local authority and health professionals.

Key strands of work this year include:

Building Health Partnerships Programme

BVSC, with the Council and CCG, ran the Building Health Partnerships programme, from March to October 2015. Funded by NHS England, it offered support for three sessions, bringing partners together to explore strong and effective partnerships between the voluntary sector and health. Feedback showed that BHP had improved coherence of the overall health
and wellbeing programme, provided opportunities to do things differently and discuss difficult issues and improved connections between the CCG and other statutory services.

Loneliness Strategy

Being part of multi-disciplinary sub group to find practical ways to tackle this increasing issue; including refreshing the Bexley volunteer offer, raising awareness of loneliness through media and establishing the ‘No Need to be Lonely’ web page

Supporting the Advice Providers Forum

Bringing together key representatives to increase understanding of the challenges posed by welfare reform. The forum has disseminated Welfare Reform updates, begun to explore Homeless Health in more depth and developed a No Recourse to Public Funds pathway.

Carer’s Hub

Supporting a collaboration of voluntary sector partners, led by Carer’s Support, to develop a package of support for Carers

Dementia Pathway

Supporting a collaboration to develop a co-ordinated range of services for people diagnosed with dementia

The Capacity Building Transformation Board

Set up this year, co-chaired by the CEOs of Bexley Council and BVSC, to consider how the voluntary sector can play a more strategic role in the Council’s planned programme of cuts. It focused specifically on improved commissioning including more co- production and co-design, increased community engagement and community activation and improved use of volunteering. This has resulted in a new commissioning cycle, consideration of social investment, refreshing the Compact and identifying 2016 as the Year of the Volunteer


We hosted a travel consultation attended by 21 partners and group representatives which has led to a smaller steering group working with LBB to develop transport solutions in the borough to offer greater choice for residents. Also supporting the development of schemes, such as a Volunteer Car Scheme, with potential providers.

Resources Scrutiny Sub-Group

Formed following a presentation by us to report on issues faced by the sector. A report was produced making recommendations and these will be monitored by the Resources Scrutiny Panel

You can also read our Full Adult Health & Social Care Report 2016