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Getting skilled-up following my first month at BVSC

I am writing this as January becomes a distant memory having reached a debut milestone at BVSC; completing my first month. I feel I have settled in really quickly and I am really enjoying putting together our Impact Project. So what has happened so far?

  • I have been speaking to Providers and Commissioners about their experience of the sector and what Impact means to them.
  • I have been busy designing a training plan and using the feedback gathered so far to shape this.
  • I have been enjoying getting to grips with Microsoft's Office 365 which has been newly installed on our systems... 

...Which brings me onto part 2 of my blog post: Training.

I attended the Partnership for Young London's Theory of Change training on Wednesday 1 February. It was a session that got us thinking and making our own ToC and reflecting on how our activties meet our outcomes. The afternoon saw us delving into the world of measuring outcomes and impact. Our trainer, Gill Millar, expertly safely guided us through this venture into planning our projects effectively. You can see some of the work we've done here.  

I attended Team London Digital Skill-Up training yesterday (tweeted here), hosted by Microsoft, which covered all of Office 365's brilliant uses and they also explained saving to 'The Cloud'. A team of 5 experts took the group on a journey that demystified using Digital tools and encouraged us to get onboard and try some apps. I went with my laptop in hand to Microsoft's Paddington office and I didn't leave disappointed. What is more exciting is that I have some essential advice to share with you:

  • Did you know that Not-for-profits qualify to recieve Office 365 for Free? Find out more here: Technology Trust.
  •  Also at Technology Trust you can get Not-for-profit discounts on loads of software, website hosting and even a free charity account on YouTube that includes a Donate button on every video you publish!
  • Got an app and don't know how to use it? Search here: https://www.edx.org/ for loads of online Free courses that include Microsoft's Office 365.
  • Lastly, are you fed up with working on an old, beaten up PC? Check out Microsoft's Refurbished PC programme for Not-for-profits which offer options to replace that are cost effective.

It is an integral part of large Corporations to demonstrate their social responsibility. It can really benefit how we work and contributes to the difference we can make to people's lives. I left the training thinking of how many people can take advantage of the offers out there and I would always encourage you to dicuss what is available for your group as discounts and freebies may be offered!

Please let me know if any of the links have benefited you by leaving a comment below or emailing adam@bvsc.co.uk.