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In an emergency, could someone find your service?

In an emergency, could someone find your service?


Let’s say you’re working full time, and your partner’s mum has dementia. They’re doing ok, they’ve got a good routine going, and you relax- feeling supported by the services provided by local charities and community groups. Your caring duties are in hand and you’ve got your head above water.

Volunteers - not just for Christmas!

The festive season is nearly here and with it, that warm fuzzy glow of goodwill that encourages us all to make sure our friends and neighbours are experiencing a little joy at Christmas time.  To make the most of harnessing people’s good will, we’ve put together our top tips on attracting volunteers over the holiday season as well as how to keep them after the holly and ivy have been put away for another year.

Making applications easy

Volunteers are service users too

I’m often the person championing technology and becoming more digital so jumped at the chance to attend this year’s National Volunteering Forum and it didn’t disappoint.  There was so much great conversation but I'll share a few messages that stayed with me and are ones that we’ll be thinking about here in the next few months.

It's almost Volunteers Week!

At the Volunteer Centre we’re gearing up for Volunteers’ Week. The Week is a national celebration and promotion of volunteering that runs from 1-7 June every year.

Are you doing anything for Volunteers Week? Let us know!  We’re always happy to promote any news or events from local organisations.

If you want to see full details of what we’re up to see our Volunteers Week page, but here’s a quick run down:

Volunteer Fair - Friday 2nd June

What is an Outcome?

It has been a busy passage of time since my last blog entry. The first Cohort of the Impact in Action programme have attended the Leading Change session where we discussed project planning, being an open leader and open organisation, identifying a need to change and handy time management tips. It was a jam-packed session which included a resource pack and a lot of links to useful websites.

Stronger Charities for a Stronger Society report and Impact

Since my last blog things have moved quickly: the Impact in Action project is now in full swing with 12 recruited groups preparing to undertake their first training session at the end of April. These Bexley impact pioneers will learn the skills to effectively measure and demonstrate the difference they make.

Volunteering is *everyone’s* responsibility

Most volunteer-involving organisations will have some form of volunteer manager or volunteer coordinator. It might not be their job title – they may be an office manager who has been given responsibility for looking after volunteers – or it might not even be part of their job description at all. For some people this work has fallen to them by default.


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