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Application for support - Impact in Action

Please use this application form for requesting support with anything Outcome and Impact-related from the City Bridge trust funded Impact in Action project. This concise impact healthcheck will help assess the areas of support your organisation requires.


Requests for support must:

  • be from a third sector Organisation providing a service in Bexley
  • be from a person who has influence over the Organisation
  • have the necessary authority acquired prior to the application being made

Please answer honestly and note any evidence you believe fits the criteria, this will help to inform the support you will benefit from.

By completing and submitting this form you are giving consent to the use of your anonymised data being used as part of the Impact in Action project's monitoring.



Please select which statement applies to you :

No identified outcomes or understanding of changeIdentified outcomes and able to describe the desired changeClear demonstration of the theory of change, how the organisation works to make that change and progress that has been made so far
Understanding outcomes and impact *
Think about how well you understand the change that occurs in beneficiaries due to your intervention. Examples of evidence include: identified outcomes, Theory of change, Logic model, planning triangle.
Are you and your team aware of the need to be responsive to change? Do you regularly review your activities to ensure they are meeting needs? Do you have an agreed strategy that is embedded at all levels?
Resistant to changeConsidering change in some areasEmbracing change as a natural result of learning
Organisational culture *
Evidence that support this: SMART targets, indicators, strategies that set out how change will be actioned, Engagement and input from staff and volunteers for a 'whole team' approach. An open culture created with opportunities to feedback and trust that it will make change happen.
No leadership commitment to outcome and impact measurement, accountability and transparencyLeadership beginning to consider and ask for results of outcomes and impact but not as part of project or strategic planningLeadership is demanding relevant and meaningful outcome and impact measurement and allocating resources
Leadership *
Think about how well-led your organisation is on planning, gathering and evaluating outcome and impact data. Examples of evidence: plan of how and when data is collected and who is accountable, resources are allocated, projects are monitored, a 'whole team' approach to the need for measuring outcomes.
No monitoring and evaluation of projectsFunder led or fragmented monitoring and evaluationStrong monitoring and evaluation of charity’s work
Monitoring and Evaluating Outcomes and Impact *
Think about how you monitor outcomes; examples of evidence include: an outcomes framework, monitoring forms, tools (surveys, questions in 1:1s) and other ways to capture and analyse data. Your evaluation should provide you with information about how effective your intervention is. Examples of evidence include: Evaluation plan, analysis of data, able to provide statistics or information on service delivery to know if intervention has caused change.
Counting outputs only (i.e. number of beneficiaries who attend)Some customer satisfaction-type surveys or isolated case studiesRegular pre- and post-intervention outcome and impact review
Beneficiary engagement *
Evidence that support this: Surveys used, personalised plans that measure individual outcomes or goals, recorded engagement activities.
No communication of impactImpact of projects communicated in isolation or when requiredClear demonstration of a coherent impact across the whole charity and shared learning with others
Communicating impact *
Think about how you use any information you have gathered and analysed. Examples of evidence include: an impact report or section included in your annual review, data used on website or promotional material.
Feedback according to terms and conditions onlySome discussions with funders and stakeholders on outcome and impact measuresActive debate about measures, tools, priorities and validation
Stakeholder / funder engagement *
Evidence that support this: examples of meetings held or involvement in setting outcomes and indicators, regular updates and meetings with regards to how effective the service is, an open and honest culture developed with Stakeholders and Funders.

By submitting this form you are giving consent to your anonymised data being used as part of the Impact in Action project's monitoring.


Thank you for taking the time to complete.